About Blawg Republic

Blawg Republic is a real-time search engine that monitors the legal blogging community every hour. People can browse excerpts on discussions, from Appellate Law to Technology Law. They can keep up with their favorite legal bloggers and track evolving discussions moving through the blawgosphere - the world of legal oriented weblogs.

All weblogs in the Blawg Republic Index have been categorized into one of over 30 law categories. Tracking a weblog or legal meme is easy via RSS feeds that are available for any search, and for each law category. Each weblog in the Blawg Republic Index is listed in the Directory along with its ATOM or RSS feed.

Blawg Republic is committed to adding more sources and fine-tuning its algorithms. If you know of a site that should be included in the Blawg Republic Index, feel free to submit it.

What is a Blawg?

What is a Blawg? A Blawg is a weblog dedicated to law-related issues, or the issues of people in the legal profession, or both.

About the Content

Blawg Republic provides an excerpt of each entry, followed by a link to the full entry on the authorŐs own weblog. The Blawg Republic summary is obtained by an automated system, which visits and indexes a sample of the top legal oriented weblogs.

If you come across a weblog you would like us to feature, or want to promote your new blawg, please submit it.

Authors (Bloggers)

For authors, Blawg Republic is an excellent way to introduce your blawg to new readers, and alert existing readers to new posts. Blawg Republic is designed to bring authors of legal weblogs to a broader audience, by making it easier to explore topics, posts and writers.


Every hour the BlawgRepublicBot checks all blawgs in its database for updates. The BlawgRepublicBot attempts to minimize bandwidth usage by first requesting cache information from each weblogs server. The BlawgRepublicBot only proceeds to download files (ATOM/RSS Feeds) if the remote server responds that the file has been updated since our last crawl.

The BlawgRepublicBot respects the robots.txt convention. If you do not want your weblog to appear in Blawg Republic, please add the following to your Robots.txt file.

User-agent: blawgrepublicbot
Disallow: /

If you want to exclude BlawgRepublicBot from selected feeds, create an entry similar to:

User-agent: blawgrepublicbot
Disallow: /index.xml